Large Employer of the Year (over 250 employees)

This award is for a business which demonstrates continued excellence in all corners of their organisation, from company culture and employee experience, to financial results and innovation, with an overall focus on supporting the people who work in their organisation.

Small Employer of the Year (under 250 employees)

This award celebrates the small businesses who are achieving excellent results in their specific markets. Judges will be looking for impressive financials and CSR awareness. 

Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award

This award recognises organisations with a stand-out CSR agenda: businesses which continue to ensure they are doing their best to positively impact the local community in which they are established, as well as the well-being of their staff and the preservation of the environment around them. 

Outstanding Commitment to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

This award recognises an individual who has continued to commit themselves to the promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion across their workplace, communicating this message both internally and to people outside of their organisation.

Outstanding Commitment to the Environment

This award celebrates the organisations with an unwavering dedication to preserving our planet. Winners must be able to demonstrate the schemes, initiatives and policies which aim to make a positive impact on the environment. 

Outstanding Employer

This award recognises businesses who go the extra mile for their people: the organisations with the best cultures, values and employee benefits that contribute to a healthy and motivated workplace environment, with unbeatable staff retention records. 

Outstanding Employee Award

This award gives special recognition to employees who have gone above and beyond in their role, showing outstanding ambition, initiative and commitment to their organisation.

Best Employee Support Network

This award recognises organisations who go the extra mile for their people. Those businesses with strong company cultures and employee initiatives that help staff members feel supported and included at every stage of their careers.

HR Leader of the Year

This award recognises innovative approaches to people management across all sectors of the workplace. A HR leader who has used their expertise to ensure company values are at the centre of their organisation while driving forward a workplace well-being strategy and attracting a diverse set of new talent to the business. 

Best Practice Award

This award recognises businesses who are leading the way with stand-out cultures and best practices that reflect flexible working, workplace diversity as well as family support for employees.

Workplace Hero of the Year

This award celebrates an individual who goes above and beyond for their organisations and a hero amongst colleagues. The winner of this award will be somebody who embodies each of their company values and uses them to help others across the business. 

Charity or Not-For-Profit Initiative of the Year

This award celebrates organisations operating on a not-for-profit basis who stand out by delivering project excellence in delivery and outcomes. 

Most Inclusive Employer

This award recognises organisations with the best diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) agendas who go above and beyond to make sure their people feel a sense of belonging at work.

Innovation Employer of the Year

This award highlights the organisations that have identified new and innovative ways of working or have created a unique product of service that’s not yet been seen in their industries. 

Best Training & Employee Development Programme

This award recognises innovative training and development programmes that have been proven to help employees progress their careers and upskill in their desired areas. 

Family Business of the Year

This award celebrates the achievements of family run businesses small and large: firms doing great things in terms of innovation, entrepreneurship and community involvement, with an added awareness on sustainability. 

CEO of the Year

This award celebrates an individual at the helm of their organisation, who continues to make outstanding contributions to the business and the market in which it operates. This award will recognise CEOs who have the ability to draw out the best in their people through quality leadership and impeccable communication skills that inspire others to do well. 

Special Recognition Award

To be announced at the 2024 ceremony.